If this sounds like the setup for a bad Movie of the Week so be it. What you are about to read is a true story.

Late one afternoon in the Fall of 2009 my wife Teri, who runs the booking and scheduling for our studio here in Nashville, called me to say that a "woman who lifts weights or something, like a bodybuilder" needed to come in right away for some photos. The woman was in dire straits. She was three days out from a show, had been planning a photoshoot for months, and her photographer had cancelled on her last minute.

Someone had recommended me to her that afternoon and although neither Teri nor myself knew much about the fitness and bodybuilding industry at the time, we told her to come in and shoot.

Her name was Sheri Taylor. She was gorgeous, incredibly sweet and polite, and as fit a human being as I have ever laid eyes on. We shot for a couple of hours, got some great looks, and off she went to her show.

A couple of weeks later someone commented on an image of mine in an online forum. I happened to notice the man's avatar was a photo of a muscular bodybuilding type dude and so messaged him with some of Sheri's pictures, basically just to see what he thought of the work. He turned out to be Dave Goodin, The Texas Shredder, a well known bodybuilder and writer for Ironman Magazine.

Dave fired right back, he loved the shots and gave me the personal email of the editor at Planet Muscle Magazine and told me to send the pics to him.

Two months later we had our first national fitness publication and it has been all systems go since then. My team and I have published in Train Magazine (US and UK) Planet Muscle, Muscular Development Latino, Oxygen, Natural Muscle Magazine, Fight! Magazine (Australia), MMA Uncaged (U.K. edition) and more. We have also placed numerous bikini layouts in the ever growing crop of newer, web based magazines like Modelzview, Hardbody, FGM, BADD, Sultry, and many more.

Along the way we have been blessed to have made many wonderful friends in the Tennessee bodybuilding and fitness community and this site is dedicated to them, to all the crazy meatheads and gym rats out there who bust their butts day in and day out with only the hope of bettering themselves in some small way as reward.


                                                         -Shannon Fontaine